Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Technicians exiting a crawlspace

What is the IICRC?

The Federal Government regulates the cleanup of Asbestos and Lead, but not mold. Anyone can say they are a “mold cleanup” company. However, your insurance company wants you to use an IICRC certified mold remediation company. The IICRC is a trusted third party school that certifies mold cleanup around the world. You can trust our cleanup because we are certified by the IICRC.

Image of a SERVPRO drying equipment used for large commercial buildings

Why choose your local SERVPRO?

Local disaster companies know the inner workings of your insurance. We work with your agents and adjusters weekly on many jobs. We want to take care of you because it means getting another call from your agent or adjuster for the water damage at the house down the road.

Encapsulation of Crawlspace

Do you need crawlspace encapsulation?

We provide cleanup and encapsulation of crawlspaces for residential homes in New Bern. It keeps the moisture out from underneath your home all year long. Less moisture means not having to worry about mold or dry rot under your home.

Carpet Cleaning in Commercial Building

Cleaning Commercial Carpets

You don't have to wait for water damage to happen to get your carpets cleaned. You can call us any time to schedule a cleaning and have your business looking good as new for your customers.

Black cat sitting on a dehumidifier.

Lizzy the Cat!

Our shop cat Lizzy loves to hang out with the crew and makes us laugh! This little kitty keeps watch over the shop and spreads a little light-hearted joy wherever she goes. She's also great at catching mice.

Servpro Marketing Booth

Home and Living Expo - Greenville, NC

Recently, we had a marketing booth set up at the Greenville Home Expo. The Greenville and New Bern locations are owned by the same family. We enjoy being part of the communities where our family and friends have their own businesses and careers.