Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Home with severe fire damage. All contents covered in smoke and soot damage

Why do I need to upgrade my outlets to GFI?

Outlets in the kitchen and bathroom are used around water and have electronics that generally take a lot of electricity. A GFI outlet, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, will trip at the outlet if it gets a large shock from an electronic being plugged in while wet. It’s also nice not to have to go to the breaker box to flip the switch since the breaker is flipped right at the outlet. Give us a call if you end up having an electrical fire due to old outlets in the kitchen or bathroom.

Fire damaged stove after a grease fire

Grease Fire Tips

A grease can get out of hand very quickly causing major kitchen damage. Use these tips to avoid grease fire damage:

Avoid being distracted when cooking - More fires are happening in the kitchen because cooking food is left unsupervised or because of a mobile device.

Heating up oil takes patience -Let it heat slowly to the desired temperature.

Have baking soda close by - Pouring baking soda on the fire can help keep the flames from spreading.

Cover the pan with a lid - Covering the hot oil with a lid will extinguish the fire because it starves it of oxygen.

Walls, ceilings, baseboards, and windows being cleaned after a kitchen fire

Is that burned chicken still making your house smell?

Burned meat is well known in the restoration industry and gets its own name: Protein Fire.

It’s well known because it is one of the harder ones to clean. The smell can penetrate deep into walls and fabrics causing it to linger for weeks after the initial fire.

Cleanup may start at the initial source of the fire, however, it will end with odor removal from walls, clothes, and furniture.

Kitchen suffered severe fire damage

Water Damage after a Fire

The best way to put out a fire is with water. Firefighters can use a lot of water to put out a fire. The main goals is to keep them and the property safe from the devastation of fire spread. Unfortunately the water also causes damage if left to soak into walls, floorboards, and furniture. Part of fire damage cleanup is extracting the water and drying out the walls.

Workers boarding up a home after suffering fire damage

Why do I need Board Up Services

After a fire there are parts of you home may be open to the elements and public. Broken windows, doors, and roofs are boarded up and secured by our team to keep bad weather and bad people from causing more damage to a home after a fire. Board up services are also covered by the insurance and are considered an emergency service after a fire.

Fire Damaged Home

Water and Soot after Fire Damage

Whenever there is a large fire, there will be water damage too. This photo shows the steaks of water running down the soot-covered walls. Our Fire Damage Restoration crews are local and ready to help whenever disaster strikes.