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Getting Ready for Storms

Getting Ready for Hurricane Weather

Many homes and businesses get damaged during hurricane season. We have crews and equipment ready to respond all over North Carolina to help with the cleanup efforts. We are here to help.

Mold Growth on Ceiling

Mold Growth on Ceiling after Storm Damage

Storm damage can come in many forms. In this home, the r came through the shingles and was not found until it was too late.

Losing shingles in a storm can cause a lot of problems in a New Bern home.

Technicians exiting a crawlspace

What is the IICRC?

The Federal Government regulates the cleanup of Asbestos and Lead, but not mold. Anyone can say they are a “mold cleanup” company. However, your insurance company wants you to use an IICRC certified mold remediation company. The IICRC is a trusted third party school that certifies mold cleanup around the world. You can trust our cleanup because we are certified by the IICRC.

Image of a SERVPRO drying equipment used for large commercial buildings

Why choose your local SERVPRO?

Local disaster companies know the inner workings of your insurance. We work with your agents and adjusters weekly on many jobs. We want to take care of you because it means getting another call from your agent or adjuster for the water damage at the house down the road.

Image of kitchen flooring damaged after suffering water damage

What do you know about Renters Insurance?

Renter’s Insurance is very cheap but is absolutely necessary when you rent a home or apartment. The insurance kept by the property owner usually only covers the structure damage during a water damage. Anything wet or damaged owned by the renter will not be covered to be cleaned or replaced after a water loss.

A supply line caused major damage to the flooring of this kitchen. 

Image of a kitchen placed back together after suffering water damage

Should I use drain cleaning products?

These products are very harsh on your pipes. They use acids and other chemicals to breakdown hair and other deposits left in your drain. However, with many pipes using PVC and other plastics, the chemicals eventually breakdown the pipes causing water damages. Best to call a plumber to snake the drain. Our technicians had to remove the affected contents from this kitchen after suffering water damage, then put the kitchen back together.

Image of SERVPRO worker cleaning carpet after suffering water damage

Property Managers Love SERVPRO

It’s true! They love giving us a call because we have seen it all. We clean carpets, remove odors from smoking and pets, and we even cleanup vandalism. Occasionally we are also called to take care of homes that have had medical and biohazard emergencies. They are all unfortunate circumstances but we clean up the homes to get them ready to be rented again.

Image of local business flooded

When do I call SERVPRO?

In most cases your janitorial staff and equipment can take care of most water damages that your building will experience. When your staff feel overwhelmed by the amount of water is a good time to call in a disaster cleanup company. We have crews and equipment to take care of your building when it is flooded beyond the capabilities of your janitorial staff.

Encapsulation of Crawlspace

Do you need crawlspace encapsulation?

We provide cleanup and encapsulation of crawlspaces for residential homes in New Bern. It keeps the moisture out from underneath your home all year long. Less moisture means not having to worry about mold or dry rot under your home.

Sewage Backup Destroys Bathroom

Bathroom Destroyed by Sewage

The contamination from the sewage requires most of the material it touches to be removed. Insurance companies do not want to have more problems in the future and therefore pay for the removal of contaminated flooring after a sewer loss.

Storm Damaged Roof

Roof Damage after a Hurricane

Hurricane winds damaged the roof of this New Bern home causing water to come into the kitchen through the ceiling. The homeowners called us after their insurance provider told them we were on their preferred vendor list.

Carpet Cleaning in Commercial Building

Cleaning Commercial Carpets

You don't have to wait for water damage to happen to get your carpets cleaned. You can call us any time to schedule a cleaning and have your business looking good as new for your customers.

Flood Cuts and Green Equipment

Flood Cuts for Storm Damage Cleanup

The cleanup of storm and flood water starts with the removal of contaminated building materials. Once removed we use an EPA registered disinfectant to kill the bacteria and have it ready to be restored.

Drying equpipment placed in local restaurant's floor

How much water comes out of a fire sprinkler head?

On average a fire sprinkler can dump 8-24 gallons of water a minute depending on the diameter of the pipe. Unlike the movies, not all sprinkler heads go off at once during a fire. Each sprinkler head have a bulb or sensor that sets off the sprinkler closest to the fire. The hope is that the fire will be extinguished by a couple of the fire sprinkler heads that are closest. In our opinion, and the insurance company paying the bill, a water damage is much cheaper to cleanup than a fire.

SERVPRO employee utilizing a protective suit to protect him during cleanup

Biohazard Cleanup Services for Building Owners

It’s unfortunate at times that we have to provide services for when someone at work is sick or has a problem that need our biohazard or crime scene cleanup. Blood borne pathogens and bacterial cleanup need to be done by a certified cleanup company that will use the proper OSHA and EPA guidelines to cleanup and dispose of biohazard. Keep your staff and business safe from harm by calling our expert team of biohazard technicians.

Workers boarding up a local restaurant after a fire

Emergency Board Up for Commercial Properties

Keeping your business safe after a fire is just as important as the cleanup. Your building will multiple walkthroughs from the Fire Marshal, insurance adjuster, and inspectors before the restoration can begin. However, you shouldn’t have broken doors and windows open to the public during the cleanup. Boarding up these openings can happen on the first day of the damage and keep your business safe during the inspection and cleanup process.

Image of a moisture meter

Is hidden water causing mold damage?

Mold is commonly found after 48 hours of a water leak. Mold likes to grow on drywall, wood baseboards, and anything else that is organic. A chronic leak under a sink, in a hotel bathroom, or pinpoint leak in a pipe will cause mold to grow hidden until coming to the surface. It’s common to find mold behind a wall or under a carpet if a leak has not been cleaned up correctly. We use moisture meters and infrared cameras to find hidden water that would be contributing to the mold problem.

Home with severe fire damage. All contents covered in smoke and soot damage

Why do I need to upgrade my outlets to GFI?

Outlets in the kitchen and bathroom are used around water and have electronics that generally take a lot of electricity. A GFI outlet, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, will trip at the outlet if it gets a large shock from an electronic being plugged in while wet. It’s also nice not to have to go to the breaker box to flip the switch since the breaker is flipped right at the outlet. Give us a call if you end up having an electrical fire due to old outlets in the kitchen or bathroom.

Fire damaged stove after a grease fire

Grease Fire Tips

A grease can get out of hand very quickly causing major kitchen damage. Use these tips to avoid grease fire damage:

Avoid being distracted when cooking - More fires are happening in the kitchen because cooking food is left unsupervised or because of a mobile device.

Heating up oil takes patience -Let it heat slowly to the desired temperature.

Have baking soda close by - Pouring baking soda on the fire can help keep the flames from spreading.

Cover the pan with a lid - Covering the hot oil with a lid will extinguish the fire because it starves it of oxygen.

Walls, ceilings, baseboards, and windows being cleaned after a kitchen fire

Is that burned chicken still making your house smell?

Burned meat is well known in the restoration industry and gets its own name: Protein Fire.

It’s well known because it is one of the harder ones to clean. The smell can penetrate deep into walls and fabrics causing it to linger for weeks after the initial fire.

Cleanup may start at the initial source of the fire, however, it will end with odor removal from walls, clothes, and furniture.

Kitchen suffered severe fire damage

Water Damage after a Fire

The best way to put out a fire is with water. Firefighters can use a lot of water to put out a fire. The main goals is to keep them and the property safe from the devastation of fire spread. Unfortunately the water also causes damage if left to soak into walls, floorboards, and furniture. Part of fire damage cleanup is extracting the water and drying out the walls.

Workers boarding up a home after suffering fire damage

Why do I need Board Up Services

After a fire there are parts of you home may be open to the elements and public. Broken windows, doors, and roofs are boarded up and secured by our team to keep bad weather and bad people from causing more damage to a home after a fire. Board up services are also covered by the insurance and are considered an emergency service after a fire.

Moisture meter being used on hardwood floor

Can SERVPRO save my wood floors?

The short answer is YES! We have saved many wood floors after they become wet. Saving wood floors depends on two things primarily:

When did they get wet?

What what the water source?

The faster we can respond the better. Wood will start to cup and buckle after getting wet, which we can still save at that point. Our biggest worry is mold growing on the wood. Also, the water source must be free from contaminates to keep the homeowner and their family safe.

Image of black mold growing on bathroom ceiling

Why do I have mold growing in my bathroom?

Mold is commonly found in bathrooms or wherever there is a lot of moisture buildup. They come in all sorts of colors such as pink, green, or black. When black mold is found in your home it’s best to call your insurance and a disaster restoration company. There might be more water and moisture than usual in the bathroom. There could be a leak in a pipe or shower pan causing your home to have a mold problem in the bathroom.

Image of a water damaged crawlspace

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Did you know that mold and dry rot can be found in most homes due to moisture in the crawlspace. An encapsulation will keep the moisture from causing mold and rot on wood beams under the home. Insurance companies and contractors agree that a crawlspace encapsulation is the best preventative measure to keep your home from having major repairs and restoration in the future.

Green Colored Generator

Hard Working Equipment

Generators are often needed after a storm. Our tools and drying equipment need power to properly remove debris and dry homes. This generator can be pulled on a trailer to the home needing our services after storm damage.

Green vehicles packed and ready for storm cleanup.

Storm Ready Crews

Hurricanes are tremendously powerful storms that leave many damaged homes behind. We live close enough to many communities that need storm cleanup after a hurricane. Our crews travel all over the East Coast to help the cleanup efforts after a storm.

Black cat sitting on a dehumidifier.

Lizzy the Cat!

Our shop cat Lizzy loves to hang out with the crew and makes us laugh! This little kitty keeps watch over the shop and spreads a little light-hearted joy wherever she goes. She's also great at catching mice.

Servpro Marketing Booth

Home and Living Expo - Greenville, NC

Recently, we had a marketing booth set up at the Greenville Home Expo. The Greenville and New Bern locations are owned by the same family. We enjoy being part of the communities where our family and friends have their own businesses and careers.

Fire Damaged Home

Water and Soot after Fire Damage

Whenever there is a large fire, there will be water damage too. This photo shows the steaks of water running down the soot-covered walls. Our Fire Damage Restoration crews are local and ready to help whenever disaster strikes.