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Image of SERVPRO worker cleaning carpet after suffering water damage

Property Managers Love SERVPRO

It’s true! They love giving us a call because we have seen it all. We clean carpets, remove odors from smoking and pets, and we even cleanup vandalism. Occasionally we are also called to take care of homes that have had medical and biohazard emergencies. They are all unfortunate circumstances but we clean up the homes to get them ready to be rented again.

Image of local business flooded

When do I call SERVPRO?

In most cases your janitorial staff and equipment can take care of most water damages that your building will experience. When your staff feel overwhelmed by the amount of water is a good time to call in a disaster cleanup company. We have crews and equipment to take care of your building when it is flooded beyond the capabilities of your janitorial staff.

Drying equpipment placed in local restaurant's floor

How much water comes out of a fire sprinkler head?

On average a fire sprinkler can dump 8-24 gallons of water a minute depending on the diameter of the pipe. Unlike the movies, not all sprinkler heads go off at once during a fire. Each sprinkler head have a bulb or sensor that sets off the sprinkler closest to the fire. The hope is that the fire will be extinguished by a couple of the fire sprinkler heads that are closest. In our opinion, and the insurance company paying the bill, a water damage is much cheaper to cleanup than a fire.

SERVPRO employee utilizing a protective suit to protect him during cleanup

Biohazard Cleanup Services for Building Owners

It’s unfortunate at times that we have to provide services for when someone at work is sick or has a problem that need our biohazard or crime scene cleanup. Blood borne pathogens and bacterial cleanup need to be done by a certified cleanup company that will use the proper OSHA and EPA guidelines to cleanup and dispose of biohazard. Keep your staff and business safe from harm by calling our expert team of biohazard technicians.

Workers boarding up a local restaurant after a fire

Emergency Board Up for Commercial Properties

Keeping your business safe after a fire is just as important as the cleanup. Your building will multiple walkthroughs from the Fire Marshal, insurance adjuster, and inspectors before the restoration can begin. However, you shouldn’t have broken doors and windows open to the public during the cleanup. Boarding up these openings can happen on the first day of the damage and keep your business safe during the inspection and cleanup process.

Image of a moisture meter

Is hidden water causing mold damage?

Mold is commonly found after 48 hours of a water leak. Mold likes to grow on drywall, wood baseboards, and anything else that is organic. A chronic leak under a sink, in a hotel bathroom, or pinpoint leak in a pipe will cause mold to grow hidden until coming to the surface. It’s common to find mold behind a wall or under a carpet if a leak has not been cleaned up correctly. We use moisture meters and infrared cameras to find hidden water that would be contributing to the mold problem.