Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Getting Ready for Storms

Getting Ready for Hurricane Weather

Many homes and businesses get damaged during hurricane season. We have crews and equipment ready to respond all over North Carolina to help with the cleanup efforts. We are here to help.

Mold Growth on Ceiling

Mold Growth on Ceiling after Storm Damage

Storm damage can come in many forms. In this home, the r came through the shingles and was not found until it was too late.

Losing shingles in a storm can cause a lot of problems in a New Bern home.

Storm Damaged Roof

Roof Damage after a Hurricane

Hurricane winds damaged the roof of this New Bern home causing water to come into the kitchen through the ceiling. The homeowners called us after their insurance provider told them we were on their preferred vendor list.

Flood Cuts and Green Equipment

Flood Cuts for Storm Damage Cleanup

The cleanup of storm and flood water starts with the removal of contaminated building materials. Once removed we use an EPA registered disinfectant to kill the bacteria and have it ready to be restored.

Green Colored Generator

Hard Working Equipment

Generators are often needed after a storm. Our tools and drying equipment need power to properly remove debris and dry homes. This generator can be pulled on a trailer to the home needing our services after storm damage.

Green vehicles packed and ready for storm cleanup.

Storm Ready Crews

Hurricanes are tremendously powerful storms that leave many damaged homes behind. We live close enough to many communities that need storm cleanup after a hurricane. Our crews travel all over the East Coast to help the cleanup efforts after a storm.