Water Damage Photo Gallery

Image of kitchen flooring damaged after suffering water damage

What do you know about Renters Insurance?

Renter’s Insurance is very cheap but is absolutely necessary when you rent a home or apartment. The insurance kept by the property owner usually only covers the structure damage during a water damage. Anything wet or damaged owned by the renter will not be covered to be cleaned or replaced after a water loss.

A supply line caused major damage to the flooring of this kitchen. 

Image of a kitchen placed back together after suffering water damage

Should I use drain cleaning products?

These products are very harsh on your pipes. They use acids and other chemicals to breakdown hair and other deposits left in your drain. However, with many pipes using PVC and other plastics, the chemicals eventually breakdown the pipes causing water damages. Best to call a plumber to snake the drain. Our technicians had to remove the affected contents from this kitchen after suffering water damage, then put the kitchen back together.

Sewage Backup Destroys Bathroom

Bathroom Destroyed by Sewage

The contamination from the sewage requires most of the material it touches to be removed. Insurance companies do not want to have more problems in the future and therefore pay for the removal of contaminated flooring after a sewer loss.

Moisture meter being used on hardwood floor

Can SERVPRO save my wood floors?

The short answer is YES! We have saved many wood floors after they become wet. Saving wood floors depends on two things primarily:

When did they get wet?

What what the water source?

The faster we can respond the better. Wood will start to cup and buckle after getting wet, which we can still save at that point. Our biggest worry is mold growing on the wood. Also, the water source must be free from contaminates to keep the homeowner and their family safe.

Image of black mold growing on bathroom ceiling

Why do I have mold growing in my bathroom?

Mold is commonly found in bathrooms or wherever there is a lot of moisture buildup. They come in all sorts of colors such as pink, green, or black. When black mold is found in your home it’s best to call your insurance and a disaster restoration company. There might be more water and moisture than usual in the bathroom. There could be a leak in a pipe or shower pan causing your home to have a mold problem in the bathroom.

Image of a water damaged crawlspace

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Did you know that mold and dry rot can be found in most homes due to moisture in the crawlspace. An encapsulation will keep the moisture from causing mold and rot on wood beams under the home. Insurance companies and contractors agree that a crawlspace encapsulation is the best preventative measure to keep your home from having major repairs and restoration in the future.